Residence Housing Association

Western Michigan University

Does your hall or apartment leadership council deserve the Hall Council of the Month award? Check out the guidelines and apply today!

Leadership Councils

Apartments/Spindler Hall (CAMP):

               Meetings: Wednesday 9:00 PM

Ackley/Shilling (FLASH):


Britton/Hadley (BHAM):

               Meetings: Wednesday 9PM

Draper/Siedschlag (D/SCO):

               Meetings: Monday 9:00 PM

Eicher/LeFevre (FLIP):

               Meetings: Tuesday 5:00 PM


                Meetings: Sunday 8:00 PM 

Ernest/Smith Burnham:

               Meetings: Monday 9:00 PM

Garneau/Harvey (FLIGHT):

               Meetings: Monday 9:00 PM

Harrison/Stinson (SHARK):

               Meetings: Thursday 8:00 PM

Henry Hall (REACH):

               Meetings: Wednesday 6:00 PM

Little 3 (French, Davis, and Zimmerman):


Hall-Archer-Pickard West

                Meetings: Tuesday 8:00 PM

Hall-Archer-Pickard East

               Meetings: Tuesday 9:15 PM